Professional work & interests:

  • I’m a Salesforce developer/ consultant, currently working as a Senior Associate Consultant at CloudSense, previously at Deloitte Consulting. I started my career working on Salesforce. Love the platform, it’s extensibility, product positioning and of course their incredible marketing. My most recent interest in the ecosystem is exploring ways to integrate Einstein into everyday Salesforce apps, particularly Commerce-based solutions.
  • Business Analytics & Product Management are my secondary interests. It is a nice addition, whenever I get to do them on my projects.

Personal interests:

  • Tennis: Huge fan of the sport - I play, watch, discuss tennis, a lot and at ungodly hours (blame the timezones).
  • Books: Non-fictions and thrillers are my cup of coffee. I throw in fiction now and then to spice it up, but overall, reading keeps me grounded.
  • Astrophysics & astronomy: I was super-fascinated in school by things like String theory, cosmology, and particle physics, and have been trying to keep up with the field, as a hobbyist. Note: I co-run The Space club, an astronomy outreach focused org and Chennai Astronomy Club, where we focus on visual astronomy and host periodic star parties.
  • Chess: The timeless game. Its is how I kill time on a daily basis. I play a lot of Blitz games online at lichess, my username is heykishan. Feel free to open a challenge! Always up for a game or two.